Wealth Management

 We specialize in managing the following types of portfolios:

  • High Net Worth & Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals
  • Trusts
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • 401(k)s
  • IRA Rollovers
  • Institutional Clients

Investment Philosophy

The commitment to capital growth and the protection of wealth are the paramount investment philosophies of Stern Brothers Asset Management, LLC. We employ diversified investment strategies that seek to achieve optimal portfolio growth given the client’s desired level of risk and overall investment goals.

Investment Process

The Stern Brothers structured investment process allows us to determine your objectives, identify suitable investment choices, and provide a continuing investment solution to fit your needs. We must first understand your expectations and how you desire your portfolio to perform before we develop a highly personalized, recommended investment strategy.

Client Assessment

Investing your account with Stern Brothers Asset Management, LLC begins with an initial client consultation. Here, we consider important factors such as current legacy holdings, risk tolerance and tax considerations and how they might affect your account.

As part of this initial assessment of your account, we run an Efficiency Rating on current holdings which measures standard deviation, relative strength valuations, and rate of change indicators which produce a score that gives us a clearer picture of the holdings and how they have performed historically.

Investment Considerations

Investment considerations must be made to determine suitable allocations including the potential use of leverage, forward yield, research, and the overall evaluation of optimal investment return for your account.

Investment Process & Portfolio Formation Diagram

Portfolio Management

After determining the appropriate asset class allocation weightings based on your specific goals and objectives, we must consider the current market environment.

We use our quantitative investment model to assess the market’s risk level at any given time. Our model is built on several proprietary indicators that use internal market data and price trends to determine when there is an edge or when the strategies need to be defensive. This approach determines how much exposure the portfolios will have to market risk at any given time. The core group of indicators we use to determine the investing environment is called SAMi™, the Stern Aggregate Market Indicator.

Another consideration in our tactical asset allocation process is to make sure your portfolio is over-weighted in the asset classes that we believe are doing well and under-weighted in asset classes that are out of favor.

The next step, and an extremely important competitive advantage of our practice, is our disciplined capital protection strategy. We decisively shift our portfolios to a defensive position when market internals weaken and intermediate price trends turn negative. Our capital safety measures are critical in helping you to avoid devastating losses which may take years to recover.

Portfolio Monitoring

Ongoing portfolio monitoring and evaluation is part of our services and your portfolio selections should be re-evaluated when you have a significant change of circumstance or as your investing needs and desires may dictate. Portfolio rebalancing may be performed as market conditions change and a proactive approach to managing your account can always be expected from our firm. We will produce a recommendation plan once we have completed all steps of your portfolio assessment.