Investing Myth: “Set it and forget it”

The market environment changes over time, as do your personal needs and desires. Doesn’t it make sense that your investment strategy needs to incorporate change too? The best way to navigate the financial markets is to be flexible and nimble in your approach. If your portfolio is invested 100% of the time, you are actually taking on more risk in your “passive” approach. Being “all-in all the time” can put your retirement in a dangerous place by taking unnecessary risk, and potentially, unnecessary losses. These losses can be devastating to your long-term investment goals. By taking a more tactical (proactive) approach, you have the ability to better control risk and aim for steady gains without painful volatility. It may sound counter-intuitive to be more proactive, but wouldn’t you rather have a pilot that is alert and constantly checking gauges while traveling on a plane than a pilot that is simply on autopilot, hoping for the best? Stern Brothers has developed a more nimble investing approach that aims for success in different types of market environments (down-trending, flat, volatile, as well as up-trending). Stern Brothers does not operate on autopilot.


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