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Look Over Your Shoulder…Was That the Market Bottom?

After the S&P 500 hit a year-to-date low of 1278 in early June, investors have been on quite a ride over the summer. Led by European headlines and financial instability overseas, the U.S. markets have been faced with volatile reactions to the constant negative news stream. How does an investor, or even their advisor, handle […]

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Calm In Midst of the Storm

It has been volatile since the beginning of May in the equity markets and the daily news stream from Europe has flamed concerns here in the U.S. and even instilled some mild panic. People are looking for stability, and some are worried that the wobbly world economies may spur another financial crisis like the one […]

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A Look At How Fed Intervention Has Impacted Markets

This is a great chart from Doug Short that examines the impact of Fed activity on markets: Of particular interest is the market anticipation before the start and the end of the Fed’s intervention.  As Mr. Short points out below, the announcements by the Fed gave some early indication of things to come. “If a […]

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Investing Myth: “Set it and forget it”

The market environment changes over time, as do your personal needs and desires. Doesn’t it make sense that your investment strategy needs to incorporate change too? The best way to navigate the financial markets is to be flexible and nimble in your approach. If your portfolio is invested 100% of the time, you are actually […]

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