Investment Strategies


We offer something different. When sharp downturns in the market occur, we do not simply stand by and reassure you that everything will be fine. We take action. We create innovative management solutions that capitalize on asset growth during positive market environments and decisively shift our portfolios to a defensive position when market internals weaken and intermediate price trends turn negative. We adhere to a highly disciplined investment process that clearly and consistently focuses on attaining each client’s financial objectives.

Stern Aggregate Market indicator


The SAMi™ overlay creates an investing environment for our strategies

Stern Brothers Asset Management, LLC utilizes our own proprietary methodology for investing and managing portfolios. This method was created and developed by the management team to protect and grow portfolio assets in all types of market environments and is a quantitative approach to active investment management.

A Better View of the Market
The main premise behind SAMi™ is to determine potential market strength and health based on a combination of economic, political, governmental and technical factors. When these factors are combined together, they can provide a better, more transparent picture of the financial markets and the investing environment.

Protecting Your Portfolio
SAMi™ utilizes this proprietary process to measure market and economic data from multiple sources, which is then combined and analyzed to determine an “environment” for investing. This environment becomes the basis of directing the strategies implemented for individual client portfolios managed by Stern Brothers Asset Management, LLC. If the market environment is desirable then investment portfolios will pursue substantially increased returns. When the market environment becomes undesirable, the investment portfolios move to a defensive stance to protect client assets in lower risk investments.